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  • Who am I?

    Even if someone is fortunate enough to ask this question, he or she is rarely given a proper and correct answer. In my student life, our teachers used to ask, "Who are you?" and thy would teach us that the answer should be "I am a student"."I am an Indian","I am Oriya","I am Hindu", and so on. These are not our real identities. What is your real identity? Who are you really? We identify ourselves with the body and the things related to the body. But the question remains, are we really the body?

  • Śrī Kṣetra Parikrama...

    Sri Krishna smiled slightly and spoke kindly, "Listen, My dear Shiva, I am giving you a very beautiful place. Live here with all your associates and followers. This place is known as Ekamrakavana (Bhubaneswar – Lingaraja Temple). In this idyllic surrounding, you will appear and be worshipped. This place is in every way captivating as Varanasi. Besides, this place is also extremely elevated spiritually, but few know of this truth.”  Today, I will reveal to you the esoteric significance of Ekamrakavana, which is so dear to Me.

    On the shores of the ocean, covering a very large area, is the place known as Nilacala.

    This is known as Purushottama-ksetra, the abodeof the Supreme Person. It has a most pleasing and peaceful atmosphere.